Worship With Music

Worship Arts is an inclusive ministry and we believe that there is a place for all to serve as God has uniquely gifted us. Opportunities for service include: 

Technical Arts

Audio: Opportunities include mixing for Sunday services and other events. 

Video: This developing & exciting ministry has numerous opportunities in filming, editing and creating videos for services and other ministry events. 

Graphics: Opportunities include creating and/or running graphic projection for Sunday services and other ministry events. 

Worship Vocal Team and Band

Vocal Teams: Serve on a rotating basis for Sunday services and other events. Vocal teams are audition-only. 

Band: Includes drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, and keyboards. Also on a rotating basis, they regularly participate in Sunday services and other events. Bands are audition-only. Opportunities also exist for other instruments, including strings, brass, wind and other orchestral instruments, both in a chamber setting and individually within the worship setting. 

Music with Kids

Opportunities to be involved with worship alongside pre-K through Jr. High at WIllow vary throughout the year. We believe it is a privilege and responsibility to teach and prepare the next generation in leading us in worship. Kids will also assist in worship periodically throughout the year with notice given through the Children's Ministry. 

Check the calendar for the upcoming events. 

Contact Lori True willowspringchurchmoraga@gmail.com 925-376-3550